Ryan Gallant & Expedition-One Release All Ages Video Part

In honor of the Red Sox winning the World Series, I am reposting this story as my first post for the site. Originally posted on May 1st.

Skateboard company Expedition-One released at midnight on Wednesday, April 24, an online video part of Boston-bred professional skateboarder Ryan Gallant, entitled All Ages. The part has the theme of live a rock show to it, which is fitting since Gallant has a love for playing music, saying that if he couldn’t skate he would, “play drums and make music.”

Video and more after the jump.

Living up to the high energy expectations of a metal concert, he comes through with over three minutes of tricks that will leave you more than itching to go skate. Highlights include an array of ledge destruction, a line at one minute 39 seconds where he skates rocks, as well as his patented, smooth hardflips, one of which he links with a wallride at the two- minutes-32-second mark.

Since leaving skateboard company Plan B in 2010, citing reasons of not feeling like his skating fit into the Plan B way and pressure from the owners/skaters of the team, Danny Way and Colin McKay, Gallant has linked back up with Expedition-One, his old board sponsor.

The skater has stayed for the most part off the radar since leaving Plan B, besides releasing the occasional clip on skateboard site “The Berrics” and a brief, but impressive section in Expedition-One’s Madness video that was released in 2010 (his part starts at 4:20).

This lack of footage could partially be attributed to Gallant’s mentality of a skate-rat turned pro; he loves to skate, but has expressed distaste in how “big” skateboarding has gotten and the constant need to know “what lil Jimmy did down the gap.”

Not having the desire to document every trick has more than likely led him to take the industry at his slower pace, especially after spending five years in the limelight at Plan B. That said, while he may not have been updating us with coverage every month, this part will more than remind you just how talented and creative Gallant is on a skateboard. He employs a sneaky-technical style, as each trick is complex yet he performed in an effortless way.

While it may have been nice to see a variation of spots that he’s skating, those maroon ledges that he does his ending trick on, have probably been featured in almost every single video part of his since moving to San Diego, he certainly came through with a great part. Moreover, it was something that people have been anticipating for some time, as the YouTube video already has over 47,000 views in just a week. Let’s hope the 30-year-old will be able to release new footage quicker next time, to quench the fans’ hunger.

Note: In a way to pay respect to Boston, his hometown, Gallant has dedicated this video to the city, sending thoughts out to the families and victims hurt by the bombings on April 15.

– Mark Albano

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